Title Change

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Well I don’t really want to purge this site in case I decide to start writing on it again so I need to make an update. I got married in 2010. She’s awesome. 


Thus the site cannot be titled “I am a single christian man”. It now has become what it is now. 


Another Attractive Woman

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I have met with this woman a few times. She’s gorgeous, and she talks to God. And from what I understand he talks back. She’s heavy into academics and incredibly intelligent, only adding to her appeal, but of course there’s a problem; one doesn’t easily find a beautiful christian woman with the proper foundational thinking to pursue a continuous serious relationship.

Fatal flaws: she is subjective to idea of there being only good or evil, and she believes one should not rush to marriage until they are “mature”.

I’ve already tackled the idea of “maturity” in my first entry so what about the *fundamental* idea of good and evil?

It’s easy God is good. Anything not of God is, well, not of God, thus not of good, thus evil.

So why is this such a problem that someone doesn’t see the world as black and white? Answer: This creates a multitude of problems in the way interactions and conversations are carried out.

Most people will admit that God views the world as black and white, good and evil. If you have a person who views the world as black, white, and *gray*, they ultimately believe that the truth is ‘unknowable’. If God knows the truth but doesn’t provide a way for us to know it, wouldn’t that make him selfish? Also this idea of not having the ability to know truth is contrary to the bible. Jesus himself declares that he is “the way and the truth and the life”. These are the reasons why logically and scripturally our Christian fundamental view is of only good or evil. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t many situations in which the truth is muddled and exceedingly difficult to discern, but it does mean that the truth is dicernable.  If even a smoking hot Christian woman can’t wrap her mind around that, then you’ve lost your common ground in your discussions with her. You view all discussions as a way of discovering the truth, and she views them as, well, “possibly”, “maybe”, “maybe not”, “who really knows what will happen”, conversations. If she’s like that then she will most likely end up being a waste of your time (if you’re looking for a quality woman for marriage).

My First Entry, And Regarding A Date.

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I am a single christian man.

I have just recently been on a date with a highly attractive and stunning woman. She has answered a few of my questions quite appropriately, however there is one question which I did not enjoy the answer to.

The question was regarding marriage. When should one get married? Her answer, like many, was a specific age. 25. To many individuals this may seem practical and even wise, however I find this answer mostly devastating. Lets look at the reasoning for this answer.

She says one would have the appropriate amount of experience in life to better understand the commitment and other details involved, that the maturity level would be appropriate, and that marriage can be distracting especially for college students.

My questions are: does one have to experience an event to glean the truth from it? what constitutes maturity? and finally, is not life always distracting?

With the idea of experience, I do not need to experience the affects of pot to understand that it is detrimental to my health. I do not need to experience rape to understand that it is a despicable, horrendous act. Adam and Eve understood that it was wrong to eat of the tree, they did not need to experience sin to understand of its existence.

Many individuals prove before they are legal adults that they understand responsibility and adulthood. We are proven that the young at even the ripe age of 18 understand life altering choices by their commitment to the military. Those individuals show that they do understand and are capable of understanding governing principles. Very similar life altering principles are used in marriage.

For thousands of years younger marriages have occurred successfully. We mostly see an issue in today’s society. What happened? Perhaps we have abandoned the core ideas and principle necessary in understanding these commitments. Who is to blame that the younger generation doesn’t understand or act appropriately? I say it is the parents responsibility to treat their young adults as actual, real, live, adults. The rest is up to them. Life happens. Regardless of where you are or who your with. Why not spend it with your mate?

The other practical issue I find with her answer is biology. If we examine the biology of both the woman and the man, the best time to have children is at the younger ages. Why then does society discourage it? Also her answer would require her God fearing husband to be celibate for over half of his life! A man reaches puberty at around 13. So his biology is constantly reminding him that he needs a wife and everyone else is telling him to wait? Why is everyone so afraid?

A final practical issue is she sees that the search may not even begin until that age. I’ve been searching for years and have not found one yet. She will have squandered valuable time in searching simply for “experience”.

It really is a silly secular idea that a marriage is “life draining”, when really God has intended it to be “life giving”.

I would point anyone to check out Mark Gungor. His series titled “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage” is packed with good rational truth in this arena.